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Dear Friends! Plan to live and work in Kyiv?

Real estate agency “Teren Plus” helps you to adapt quickly and easily in Ukraine. With our help You will overcome the bureaucratic obstacles and save Your time. You will be able to rent apartment at a favorable price and will be provided with qualified help and support.

We propose to you the following services

Introductory program and consulting service

Settlement program

Registration service

Basic management of the trip

  • Transfer from/to airport and railway station
  • Booking and buying of railway and plane tickets

City review

  • acquaintance with the city downtown and its main districts (by car or on foot upon a client’s request)
  • Operation of the public transport, shops and malls, banks, medical institutions
  • Information about life and work in Ukraine
  • Ukrainian cultural values, customs and traditions
  • A guide’s service upon a client’s request (hourly charge)

Help in settling in

  • Information about residential area: near-by supermarkets, parks, shopping malls, medical institutions
  • Search of a school, kindergarten (information about location, payment system, help in document preparation and application, search of tutors)
  • Recreation facilities: theatres, cinema, clubs, sport complexes
  • Help in utilities payment
  • Getting on Internet and TV connection, telephone line
  • Buying of furniture and household appliances
  • Help in home staff hiring

Daily rent of apartments (hotel service)

With our Agency’s help you can rent an apartment daily in Kyiv downtown without agency fee, paying only for the apartment.

Our service includes:

  • Analysis of client’s needs
  • Preliminary choice: before you arrival you can book and apartment for daily rent. We will send you apartment offers with detailed description, photos, layout and area information
  • Visits of selected apartment

The service is also provided on weekends

Rate: you pay only for the rent period of a daily rent apartment

Long term apartment rent

  • Analysis of the market situation
  • Analysis of Tenant’s needs
  • Providing a client with apartment offers with detailed description, photos and layouts
  • Making appointments for visiting of selected apartment, consulting help in client’s choice
  • Support at the signing of a Lease Agreement, registration in the apartment
  • Preparation of the inventory list and signing of the Act of transfer and acceptance
  • Help in utilities payment
  • If necessaryservice of a sanitary technician, electrician and maintenance stuff

Rate: you pay only agency fee – the equivalent of one month rent. As an extra bonusyou get a free of charge consulting support during the whole period of rent

Profitable property investment – apartment acquisition

  • Appraisal of property investment appeal
  • Preliminary analysis of client’s needs
  • Selection of the most suitable apartments in accordance with budget and requirements
  • Making appointments for visiting of selected apartment
  • The full support during apartment buying: preparation and verification of the title documents, legal consulting
  • Notary registration of the Sales agreement
  • Technical Inventory Bureau registration of the Sales agreement
  • Property management service

Rate: agreed by the parties

Obtaining of the identification code

Foreign citizens who live in Ukraine need an identification number. Our service include:

  • Help in preparation and obtaining of all necessary documents, translation and notary registration
  • Obtaining of the identification number
  • Term: 3 days

Bank account opening

  • preparation of documents
  • support during a procedure of the account opening
  • Term: 1 – 3 working days

Insurance policy paper work

  • preparation of documents
  • support during a procedure of insurance
  • Term: 1 day

Obtaining the Certificate of no conviction

  • preparation of documents
  • getting of the Confirmation of No Criminal Records
  • Term: 1 – 3 days

Legal employment permission

The State Employment Centre in Kyiv issues a legal employment permission. This document gives the right for a legal job in Ukraine to expats invited by a local company/organization.

We give the following services:

  • translation of documents confirming a high education, etc.
  • preparing a document on grounds or prolongation of a Legal Employment Permission
  • preparing an Employment Contract of an expat coworker
  • preparing of a needed package of documents and their presenting to the Employment Centre
  • getting a new Employment Permission or prolongation of an existing one
  • Term: 14 working days (up to one month)

Registration of Temporary Residence

Citizens of Russia enjoys a simplified system of an official registration in Ukraine. If you a Russian citizen you don’t need a residence permit and to be registered in a rented partment. The only you need it is to get a stamp in your passport confirming your legal presence in Ukraine. The stamp is to be issued by the city OVIR (Russian abbreviation for the Department of Visa & Permissions). Our agency will help you to prepare the following documents for that:

  • Rent agreement registered by ZhEK (Russian abbreviation for a State office responsible for maintenance of houses)
  • Form 3
  • Application of a landlord confirming a term of your stay of in Ukraine

Upon presenting the above documents to the city OVIR they put a stamp in your passport about permission of stay in Ukraine.

Temporary Residence Permit

A Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) is provided for foreign citizens in Ukraine for their further legal employment. The TRP is issued on the basis of an official Employment Permission and IM1 visa. The TRP for foreigners is issued for the term of the Employment Permission, that is for one year minimum. Prolongation of the TRP could be done providing that the Employment Permission has been extended, too. If a foreigner has the TRP he is not obliged to leave the country after 90 days of stay.

To get the TRP we offer the following services:

  • Support in getting documents for the TRP : identification code, notarized copy of passport, Power of Attorney, Confirmation of No Criminal Records, Health Certificate
  • Registration of the Rent Agreement in ZhEK (State Office of Houses Maintenance), getting Form 3, registration the landlord’s Application

Upon registration of the above documents by ZhEK, a foreigner receives the TRP in the city OVIR.

  • preparing documents for a further registration in a regional OVIR:
  • application on a registration in the apartment
  • getting an Immigration Card of a foreigner
  • presenting the above documents from ZhEK (Application of the Foreigner, Immigration Card). After that the TRP will be stamped with “registered in…”
  • Term: 10 working days

Price: UAH 6000

* official fees, notary/translator services are not included

Extending of the Residence Permit

Important: the TRP shall be extended before the date of its expiry. The date of expiry is indicated in the TRP and equal to the term of a Legal Emlpoyment Permission. We shall prepare a package of following documents for that:

  • The Rent Agreement registered by ZhEK
  • Form 3
  • Application of the Landlord about extension of the foreigner registration
  • Term: 7 working days

Registration Cancel

We render assistance to withdraw the registration in the apartment by the end of a foreigner stay in Ukraine as follows:

  • Application to ZhEK about crossing out the foreigner from a list of persons registered in a rented apartment
  • presenting the TRP to a regional OVIR to withdraw the registration
  • presenting the TRP back to the city OVIR
  • Term: 7 working days

”Teren Plus” Relocation Services

In case you’re going to change your address and move to Kyiv but don’t know what to start with, you’re in the right place. “Teren Plus” provides full service relocation process and helps both foreigners and Ukrainians to find appropriate accommodation here.

What We Offer

You may face many problems when conducting relocation procedures. For example, you may need to arrange a trip, find an apartment, obtain the identification code, get employment permission, etc. At “Teren Plus”, you’ll find first-class assistance and relocation agent that will provide you with the following services:

  • airport and railway station transfer;
  • apartment search;
  • property investment;
  • registration staff;
  • settlement assistance, and so on.

We also offer professional global relocation services and help foreigners to settle in Kyiv. You’ll get the information about infrastructure, near-by schools and kindergartens, preparation of documents, etc.

The Best Home Relocation Services

Real estate agency “Teren Plus” will find a comfortable apartment that will meet all your requirements. We offer the following variants in the central districts of Kyiv:

  • studio-apartments;
  • 1-bedroom apartments;
  • 2-bedroom apartments;
  • 3-bedroom apartments and more.

We’ll provide you with a flat equipped with everything you need for comfortable living: boiler, kitchen utensils, household appliances, refrigerator, TV-set, Wi-fi, and so on. Central districts have advanced infrastructure and theaters, museums, supermarkets, business centers are within close proximity.

Get in touch with us via phone, email or online and our relocation experts and specialist will provide you with the service of the highest quality.

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