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1. The Lessor leases to the Lessee and the Lessee rents from the Lessor under the terms and for the period stated below the property at the address________________________, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2. The leased property belongs to the owner of the property as property according to the Sales Agreement ВВО ____________ registered by the Kyiv State Bureau of the Technical Inventory on ____________;
2.1. At the moment this Lease is signed the terms and conditions settled in it and also the very fact of making this lease does not contradict in any way Ukrainian legislation or any international judicial acts of agreements.
3. The property being the subject of this Agreement has the total area ____________
4. The Lessor certifies that the property being the subject of this Agreement is not sold, given as gift, mortgaged, is not subject of legal dispute and is not under arrest.
5. The property is for living.
5.1. The Lessee has no right to use it for other purposes, use it as legal address as well as he has no right to sub-lease it to third persons.
6. The Leasing term is set for _____ months beginning from the __________2008 till the_____________________.
6.1. The Lessee has the first right to extend the initial term. This right must be exercised in writing to the Lessor not less than 30 days before the end of the initial Lease term. The extension of the Lease for an additional term is executed according to all the conditions prescribed at the time the Lease is extended and according to the responsibilities and provisions of this Lease. The Lessor and Lessee shall register all documents necessary to prove the fact of the extension of the initial term of the Lease for an additional term.
6.2. In the event that the Lessee does not send notification of his intentions to extend the Lease at the end of the Lease term as per the agreed requirements then the Lessee shall give access to potential Tenants to inspect the property and agrees to vacate the property at the end of the initial Lease term. The said inspections by potential Tenants shall only be done on days and times agreeable to the Lessee.
7. The monthly rent is Hrivna equivalent of USD_____ according to NBU rate set on the day of payment. Payment details and schedule is described in Appendix 2 signed by the Parties. The mentioned above Appendices 1 and 2 are integral parts of the Agreement.
8. Payment for telephone communication (license fee, local, intercity\international calls), cable TV and Internet is done by the Lessee according to the charges in the bills.
Payment for the electric power, gas, hot and cold water shall be done by the Lessее according to the meter readings.

9. The Lessee is liable:

  • To adhere to the existing rules of keeping and using the living premises
  • To handle furniture with care
  • Not to keep the explosive or environmentally dangerous substances in the leased flat
  • Not to remove any Lessor’s property out of the leased flat without written Agreement with the Lessor
  • Not to conduct any works concerning the communication appliances of the leased property as well as of any other works leading to changing of the exterior of the leased house, increasing of heated area or of order of communications action without Lessor’s preliminary consent in writing
  • Lessor has the right of access to the leased property, but time of his entry has to be agreed with the Lessee in advance. In case of arising of force-major circumstances the Lessor has right to enter the property without warning the Lessee
  • After the expiration of the Lease term the property is to be returned in the state it was in at the time the Lease was made, fair wear and tear excluded
  • Not to smoke in the apartment

10. The Lessor shall maintain the premises in good usable condition repairing immediately any leaks or ruptures resulting from any fundamental structural defects, except in the case of damage due to gross negligence of the Lessee. Should the Lessor fail to carry out necessary repairs in a timely manner, the Lessee shall have the right to carry them out at the expense of the Lessor
10.1. The Lessee shall not be responsible for damage resulting from fire (except as resulting from negligence of the Lessee), earthquake, disturbances, riots and other conditions over which the Lessee has no control.
10.2. Damages that arise due to Lessee’s fault shall be fixed by Lessee on his own account.
10.3. In case of damaging the property of third parties or to communal property as Lessee’s fault, the Lessee has to fully compensate the actual damage.
11.Conditions of releasing the Parties from responsibilities of this Agreement:
11.1. The Lessee and the Lessor has the right to terminate this Lease before the end of the Lease term by notifying the other Side in writing not less than 1 (one) month prior to a desired time of termination.
11.2. The Lease may be terminated by the Lessee without notice in the case of force majeure such as but not limited to - war, flood, earthquake etc.
11.3 The Lease can be broken at any time in the following cases: a)both parties taking the settled decision to end the Lease
11.4. In the event of termination as stated in sections 11.1-11.3, the Lessee shall pay only that part of the rent that is due up to the time he vacates the premises.
11.5. In case of Agreement termination less than one month before the appointed date the Lessee pays the full amount of the rent for the month following the termination date.
12. In case of delay by the Lessee of paying the next due rent payment the Lessor has the right to obtain from the Lessee the penalty equals to 0.1% of one month rent per each day of delay. Payment of penalty does not free the Lessee from execution of other liabilities according to this Agreement.
13. The arguments about this Agreement are subject to decision in the court of Ukraine.
13.1. All notifications, confirmations, agreements and other notifications which this Lease requires and foresees must be made out in written form and delivered or sent by registered mail or confirmed letter at the address:
For the Lessor:
For the Lessee:
Sent by mail they are considered valid only on receiving the return receipt confirmation.
14. This Lease is made in two copies in Russian and in English. Each party has one copy of the Lease in Russian and in English. The texts of the Lease in both languages are legally equal.
Date: _______________
Lessor: _____________________
Lessee: ____________________
Appendix 1
Keys: ______________
Meter readings:
Electricity: __________
Gas: __________
Hot water: ____________
Cold water: ___________
Signatures: ___________
Lessor: _________________
Lessee: ___________________
Appendix 2

The monthly rent is Hrivna equivalent of USD_____ according to NBU rate set on the day of payment. The first payment shall be paid on the Lessor’s account as prepayment for the first month of rent at the day of signing the Lease Agreement.

At the day of the Lease Agreement signing the Lessee shall pay a deposit of Hrivna equivalent of USD _____ . The deposit shall be paid back to the Lessee upon the present Agreement termination providing that all financial liabilities of the Lessee are fulfilled and no damage of the apartment and furniture have been caused (except a normal wear).

All other rent payments are prepaid for 1 month period at a time, not later than the 14 day of the payment month, in cash.


Lessor: _________________

Lessee: ___________________

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The real estate agency specialists will accompany your every step in preparing and signing a formal Lease Agreement of the apartment, undertake the job of negotiating with the landlord. We use the Lease Agreements which fully protect the interests of all parties and meet the requirements of Ukrainian legislation. In the "Lease Agreement" section on our site, you can choose the Agreement in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages, which corresponds to any of your requirements.

Real Estate Agency will help to register the tenant. And if you sign a Property management agreement the client will be provided with technical support and service of the apartment for the duration of the lease.

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