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Baseina street. The history of Kiev streets

Baseina str.

Улица Бассейная In the 1840s, in the middle of the street running from Bessarabska Square, a "pool ditch" was built. It was a water intake ditch for sewage from Kreschatik. During the great building on both sides of the street the ditch was filled but the street’s name has remained the same - Baseina. Thus began the development of Klovsky ravine, which separated the Palace area from of the Pechersk, and went into a big valley Lybidska stretching up to the Dnieper. To solve the problem of the transport connection between the two upland parts of Kiev - Pechersk and Starokievska - Kruglouniversytetska street and Klovsky descent were paved. It is a descent, not a slope because the name to the streets were given only by the social elite that has always lived in the up part of the street.

In the 1870-1890s the large buildings were built on Baseina street, as if continuing the functionality of Kreschatik. These were the apartment houses with shops and offices on the ground floor. On the first floor there were just flats. Basements were used as workshops. At the crossroads after the 1920s there were boot cleaners’ boxes with dark-skinned and beautiful Assyrians. And Bessarabka became one of the main places of their compact settlement.

At the end of XIX century Ukrainians and Jews, Poles and Germans prefered to place their stores and rent apartments in this area. Reinhold Gliere lived in the house #6 in the 1876-1894, 1913-1914 and 1916-1920. In the court-yard of the house # 5 there was a two-storey house rented by carpenter I .Mabovich. His daughter, Golda, who was born in Kiev in 1898 went down in history as the Israeli prime minister Golda Meir. In her book "My Life" she was recalling her "not historic" homeland.

As soon as the ditch in the center of the street was filled, shortly after that lockers, livestock and vegetables shops replaced it. This market stretched up to Prozorovska street (now - Esplanadna), where another market was located lower Sobacha tropa (now - Lesia Ukrainka Blvd). Now there is Palats Sportu. There was no WC that is why traders ran into main entrance of nearby houses, causing tenants’ outrage.

After Stalin’s death, the shops were closed down and replaced by the boulevard, which was reconstructed in 1984, and ornamental shrubs were fenced with iron railing. Now Baseina street is one of the Kiev central streets with numerous fashion shops, restaurants and salons.

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Kirkevich V. "My City - Kіev"

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