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How to choose a real estate and not to be mistaken?

Как выбрать недвижимость и не ошибиться с выбором?

Choosing a private accommodation is one of the most important questions for every person. Most people save money for its purchase or rent restricting themselves in many aspects. So it is very important to find that real estate what the person dreamed about.

A purchase or rent of an apartment is not an insignificant and daily deal. It must be carried out carefully and with all responsibility.

Firstly you need a clear plan of actions. Fairly estimate the amount of money on your disposal and determine the sum you can spend on the solution of housing question.

Nowadays a wide and varied real estate market is offered in Kyiv. You can choose an expensive luxury accommodation in downtown or a cheap one on a secondary housing market. Also there are a lot of interesting offers in new-built houses in Kyiv. So how to make a right decision and to choose the most comfortable accommodation for living?

Decide first what exactly you will search for: an accommodation in a new-building or one on the secondary housing market. The apartments offered by real estate developers are of great popularity. A lot of people choose this variant, being guided by the fact that everything new always serves longer. Comfortable and up-to-date layout, new communications are attractive advantages of apartments in the modern new-built houses.

Choose the area where you would like to live. The price of the real estate depends on this important factor. If your goal is a daily rent of the apartment in the centre of Kyiv or on the Right bank of the Dnieper, it will be more expensive than the daily rent in any area of ​​the Left Bank. The market of real estate sale has the same pricing policy in Kyiv.

Define clearly what size of the apartment you need and in what condition it should be. It also considerably influences its price. If you choose an apartment which needs renovation, calculate the approximate amount of money needed for its realization. Think well whether you can allocate these money later.

So finally you have made a choice in favor of a certain accommodation and the following aspects meet your requirements:
- price;
- area;
- building;
- condition of the  accommodation;
- total area;
- layout;
- floor.

We recommend you to explore the infrastructure of the chosen residential area. In Kyiv it is quite important to have a good transport interchange in the area you choose for living. It should be located at least 50 meters from your accommodation, otherwise you will inhale a great amount of vehicle exhaust gas.

The problem of megapolis is the lack of parking lots near the place of living. If you have a vehicle, do not hesitate, to have a look if there is a parking lot for your car in the evening close to the house.

If you do not have the vehicle, come to the closest bus stop in a "rush hour" in the morning and see whether it is possible to take a bus. It is also important to understand how long it will take to get to work in time.

If you have a child or you expect one it is also important to have nearby a nice kindergarten, school, supermarket and clinic. No doubt all these details will influence your comfortable and quiet living in a new apartment.

Choosing an apartment is a difficult process, which requires your time and efforts. After having defined your goal and having planned everything, you will certainly get the desired result.

If your time is limited or you are interested only in a daily rent of apartments, turn to a qualified real estate agency. Its developed data base and experts will significantly reduce your efforts and time which you would have spent on solving your housing problem. It is also related to a long-term rent of a real estate.

June 10 2014

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