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New life - new house?


 How do young people start? Obviously they start from searching for an accommodation. They need a comfortable corner where they can rest, think and put themselves in order. However how to choose and not to be mistaken? The number of new-built houses is increasing daily, they sparkle with glazing and lure with sales promotion, but a secondary housing has a more attractive price. It is necessary to appraise the situation carefully.

Purchase vs rent

 A private accommodation is always better, but everybody has a different amount of money and attitude to loans. When renting the apartments daily in Kyiv the tourists are guided by the basic economic principles and make their requests meet their financial abilities, the same approach is needed when purchasing an accommodation. Remember that with time housing gets old and it needs the renovation, therefore a mortgage on the secondary fund is a doubtful investment. Besides sometimes a rent combined with saving money on the deposit can considerably be more advantageous than the housing loans.

The struggle of generations

 Is the required amount of money for purchase or rent collected? Bring to notice that the secondary accommodation is often offered in downtown of Kyiv. Not frequently you can see there the new-built houses, but if there are some they are immediately considered to be luxury, and are very expensive. However there is a certain advantage - the proximity of infrastructure unities. In other words, the cultural life, the best places of entertainment, social institutions and key stops are located just around the corner.

 The active building is usually conducted in the outskirts. A new life, a fresh decoration, a beautiful view from the window and silence is a blessing for the residents of the new-built houses. However, you won`t find there hospitals, schools, the majority of public transport or they will exist only on paper. Therefore please take a look at the housing schemes carefully, they should be of a free access. Do not worry, today the developers examine the needs of people and try to let the whole areas for rent where there is a minimum set for a young family, and city authorities help with the organization of additional transport routes.


Intermediate conclusions

 The secondary housing is more likely surrounded with all kind of comforts of civilized life. However if you keep your eye on the big picture, the square meters of the new-built houses do not require such a frequent renovation and gradually will increase in price, accumulating same social structures, parks, bus stops. The main thing is to determine how important the above-mentioned comforts are for you at this time, and how soon they may become necessary (for example, schools and kindergartens in relation to the birth of a child).


A temporary choice

 However, from the very beginning some people do not plan to stay in the purchased flat for a long time. Travelers and businessmen rarely stick to one place, the permanent accommodation for them is rather a load and tax burden. And there is a separate category: relatives and visitors from abroad, tourists. Not all lessors will be willing to conclude an agreement for a period shorter than one month, and the hotels will cost a fabulous price.

 Their choice is a short-term rent. To rent the apartments daily in the centre of Kyiv is a bit more expensive for one day in comparison with long-term contracts. However a person gets comfort, a high level of privacy and an easy access to all business and social networks, as well as remarkable sights. Certainly, in this case a secondary housing- is an advantage as there is no need to think about furniture, sanitary ware, breakages of utility systems. And all issues with the neighbors and law enforcement agencies have been settled long time before.

 So in many aspects the secondary housing is superior to accommodation in new building, it is surrounded by important social institutions and it is cheaper, but it needs a good care. A new-built house is good in all aspects, however when choosing this option you need to show a bit of generosity or to be patient till your micro-district will be improved. As a result, any choice is correct, as it will ensure a roof over your and your family`s head.

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