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Коммерческая или имиджевая недвижимость

Lately real estate purchase has become extremely popular among small and medium enterprises. In fact, company’s own office premise is, first of all, the sign of stability and prestige.

Commercial real estate includes any non-residential premises: buildings used for offices, banks, for entertaining  or other aims. Such real estate is not related with one’s residence, and is not initially intended for living .Such real estate object can be rented, for example, daily rent in Kyiv, sold or purchased, subleased or used depending on owner’s aims and tasks.

The price for 1 square meter of commercial real estate is considerably higher on the market than the one of an apartment for living, as a good profit can be gained from commercial real estate use.

Every company chooses an office premise according to its requirements, financial abilities and status. It is known that real estate market development greatly depends on the demand, supply and economic factors, meanwhile commercial real estate market is influenced by external factors. It is affected not only by economic but also by political and legislative factors.

First of all, the office premise’s price depends on its’ location  and category - A, В1, В2, C, D, independent offices and administrative buildings.

Investments in office premises and shops are the most profitable,while those ones made in storages and productions bring less profit. Investing in office premise in long-term perspective means becoming the owner of  the premise which, if necessary, can be sold  later for a higher price.

Business-centres of the category B are more profitable than office centres of the class A. Even though they are usually situated in the crowded places, yet far from the centre.

As of today, there is no standard classification of commercial real estate. However, when choosing, for example, an office premise, you are to follow your priorities, and take into consideration  the company’s course of development in perspective. When launching a new company or branching out, the office premise has to be carefully chosen. The prospects of firm’s development mainly depend on quality of the office, its’ location conditions for work, etc.

The price for office premise which is located in the center of a metropolis will be much higher, nevertheless there will be an opportunity to cooperate not only with the near-by territory but with all districts of this city. Consequently, comfortable location influences personnel and customer flow.

If the office is located  in a prestigious building, especially in  business-center where there are  other companies, it makes the firm more authoritative and reliable.  

When looking for a suitable office premise, pay attention to location, area and center of the city.You should remember that business areas are much more appreciated .

When you purchase a working shopping center, you should find out some additional information about tenants, competitors and whether there are similar commercial objects nearby.

Any commercial real estate operation should be conducted respecting all laws, decisions and identical documents given out by local authorities. The purchase or rent of commercial real estate, daily rent, should be accompanied by all documents needed.

May 21, 2014

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