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Father's home keeps a lot of memories, but the children gradually grow up and want to have their own accommodation. Separate rooms and old apartments can be let for the rent. However, how easy is to find a tenant or an owner, for whom the quality of the housing and the price were relevant? Private agreements often lead you into the hands of fraudsters, and as a result the keys you get fit the other doorlock. Therefore realtors come to your rescue.

Advantages and disadvantages

It may seem that the newspaper advertisements are much cheaper than a certified realtor, however it is a big mistake. Of course, it is not difficult to find a kind person with a sign at the railway station offering the daily apartments in Kyiv, but there is no guarantee that you will get the promised convenience? Subtenants often place the advertisements in periodicals while "selling" the same apartment to several families and then disappear in the unknown direction. Even if you manage to make arrangement and you won`t be deceived, many aspects will not meet your requirements :

         - proximity of subway and bus stops;

         - social infrastructure;

         - convenience stores or clubs.

Therefore, the realtors provide services. The standard contract prices: for one-time help or for a constant, complex help.

Depending on the conditions of the contract you pay the certain price or the percentage of the deal and you get the list of excellent variants which meet all your requirements. If some aspects do not meet your requirements, the realtor will inform you. In addition, a good realtor on his own examines the apartment, learns its history, looks at the neighbors, renovation, possible problems and additional advantages. A good real estate agency will release you from unforeseen situations and force majeures at the stage of the apartment selection.

High assurance

There is no need to communicate with the owners or tenants, so it will prevent you from being nervous and waste of time. The long-term relationship with the real estate agency allows to count on more beneficial conditions: less risk - more reasonable prices. The tenants need to understand that the agency works with the reliable partners, makes sure about their reliability and signs the agreements, therefore you will for sure move in. However, if you let the apartment for rent, you share the risks with the realtor and you can expect the recompense in case of emergency.

Nowadays the most important aspect in any process – are contracts. The legal arrangements of each step, assuring the safety of your savings, health and life.A well-arranged process of work will allow within one hour to choose an accommodation or a client, to transfer money and to move the client in. Both standard contracts or those which include your conditions for major reliability are good. In this case, the financial transactions are recorded, not a single cent will be missed.

A wide choice

Finally, the main advantage of the real estate agencies is their specialization. The realtors explore the real estate market systematically, adding to their data base their potential customers, but unlike the featureless advertisements, they can thoroughly inform you about all the pros and cons of the variant you chose. You’re only thinking about moving or visiting a strange city where you do not know anybody, and they already have the list of the variants at affordable prices. In case you want to buy a house or you’re interested in a daily rent of apartment - then the realtor has a queue of clients willing to sell or to let their accommodation for rent.

Though the service of the specialist will cost some money, your request will be carried out as soon as possible, in compliance with all the details and legal formalities. The most important that it will be carried out! Moreover, the obligations are recorded in the documents, ensuring the roof over your head and the safety of the property, otherwise - the recompense is guaranteed.

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