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Daily rent apartment service allows the tenants to get reasonable prices for any facility level.

Both quests and local citizens are using the service of apartments’ daily rent quite often. Whether it’s a personal visit, business, or rest on weekends and holidays –it requires the search of short-term accommodation. Each person desires to choose the most comfortable place for the most reasonable price. Many tenants, who stay in different parts of the city, note the advantage of this service - combination of good facilities and the best prices.

When renting apartment daily, you get modern facilities, and pay according to the renovation level, furniture and equipment quality, television/internet access. Location in the city centre or other prestige areas and houses also influences the price level, but not much.

So why is daily rent always more profitable and cheaper? Here comes the explanation. Any hotel charges you for its name, stuff salary, and other expenses, which reflects on the accommodation price.

Daily apartments are usually leased by the owners or realtors who sublease the apartments and do all the renovations, buy furniture and equipment, set television and internet. Thank to this, clients get modern and comfortable facilities, and pay for the whole apartment, not just separate bed. In addition, they get much less price for accommodation per night, than in a hotel.

It’s surprising, that hotels are raising their prices every year, not being afraid of the reduction of demand, according to the raise of competition at the daily rent market. Against this background, prices for apartments’ daily rent almost don’t change. Regular customers usually get good discounts, if they stay in apartment more then 3 days. Huge variety of apartments for daily rent gives the possibility for tenants to choose the best required location, best price of the property of preferred level, along with the best surrounding places for leisure time.

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January 2014

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