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Fairy indwellers of Landscape alley

Every time the weekend approaches, we wonder – where to go for a nice walk? Although Landscape alley is not the most unique place for the promenades, it remains one of the most attractive ones.

The history of Landscape alley starts since the 80-th of the past century. Here should be mentioned the architect Avraam Miletskiy, as the one who started to establish this place for walks. Among other famous buildings, made upon his projects are: Kyiv central bus-station, Glory square assembly, memorial complex at the Baykove cemetery, couple of hotels, memorials, and few projects, which didn’t get chance to be brought to life.

As for Landscape Alley, it was first planned to become a part of the national park (conservancy area), but this idea has been accomplished just partly. Now the Alley is only a path adjoined by playground, rest area, and flowerbeds spreading from National Museum of Ukrainian History to Bolshaya Zhytomirskaya street. National park was supposed to include Museum of the 19th century urban development and fork crafts, Archeology museum and AS USSR Archeology Institute. Unfortunately, only Landscape alley was built out of this scale project.

2009 became a remarkable year for the Alley, bringing the decision of building a playground there. To say that it’s a unique place for games means to say nothing. Many Ukrainian masters had been working on its appearance, and has turned this little park zone to a real fairy tale!

Mosaic wall, picturing children faces, fountains with zebra and toothed elephant, blue cat and green rabbits with big opened mouths, where people love to take photos, and other numerous animals and fairy creatures, brought to life by talented sculptors – all this is delighting the eye of every guest of Landscape Ally.

Looking more attentive, one can notice here personages of Luis Carroll’s book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. There is a children slide there, stylized after this fairy-tale.

In 2011 group of Kyiv sculptors contributed to Landscape Alley beautification, due to the project “Kyiv Fashion Park” - they added creatively decorated benches and installations to the walk-place.

The Ally had been surrounded by many disputes: some time it was at a risk of privatization or removal. But not long ago this place has got the status of inviolable territory, thus everyone has opportunity to come for a walk and spend a nice time here.

No matter how brightly we are trying to describe the beauty of this little park, it probably doesn’t reflect even a part of its magical atmosphere. The best way to feel it is to come to the Alley that stretches from 2, Vladimirskaya str. to 36, Bolshaya Zhytomirskaya str., to look at sculptures and enjoy beautiful view of the Dniper river and the part of historical centre of Kyiv.

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January 2014

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