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Gogol memorial places in Kyiv

History and culture of Ukrainian people have found its wide reflection in the art work of the great Ukrainian writer Nikolay Vasilievich Gogol. He lived and worked both in Russia and Ukraine.

Nikolai Gogol visited Kyiv several times. For the tirst time he came here in 1827, during his spring holidays in Nezhyn Gymnasium, together with his friend Belousov, who owned a house in Podol area. Young Gogol was deeply impressed by the beauty of the city.

For the second time Gogol came to Kyiv in 1835. This time he stayed in Pechersk area, at the apartment of his friend, university professor M.Maksimovich. Gogol’s favourite place was the terrace on Andreyevskiy hill, from where he could pleasantly enjoy the view of Dnepr river and Podol.

The writer’s last visit to Kyiv took place in 1848, on his way from abroad. During this visit he stayed in the house #2 on Nicolskaya street (now Ivana Mazepy street).

The writer has artistically described the Dnepr river and people’s everyday life in Kyiv in his novel “Fearful vengeance”. And his other novel “Viy” has a description of Kontraktova square and Kyiv seminary in Podol area. Kyiv was also mentioned in the story “Taras Bulba”.

To memorize the great writer, one of the main streets in Kyiv was named after him – Gogolevskaya street. One of the biggest kiev libraries on Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya street (former Krasnoarmeyskaya street) also bares the writer’s name. There is also a sculptural bust of Nikolay Gogol erected in the façade of the National opera house building.

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January 2014

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