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How to choose real estate agency correctly?

If you need to sell, to buy or to rent any real estate object the question of choosing a reliable real estate agency arises. Certainly, you can try to solve housing problems on your own, however when you engage professional assistance, it gives you a great number of considerable advantages.

A collaboration with professional and competent realtors will save your money, your valuable time and will also help you to eliminate all risks and to proceed with all agreement papers.
When you turn to a real estate agency, you can receive the following types of services :

  • search and selection of required accommodation variants,
  • its background revision,
  • search of customers for the accommodation offered for sale,
  • support of all types of deals with real estate objects.

Much depends on the result you expect on the moment. Some real estate agencies work in certain market segment, for example, they deal with accommodation at the secondary market only or help clients to rent apartments daily in Kyiv. Most big companies provide complex types of services: purchase-sale of apartments, rent, legal services.

Do not choose only one real estate agency but turn to a few different companies. You can ask your friends to advise you some agency or get the information from mass media and Internet. Many trustworthy real estate agencies develop special advertising programs, have their own web-sites,  cooperate with mass media, use other sources of information. Stable and successful companies carry out advertising activities regularly.

If you want to rent or to buy an apartment in a certain area, you should involve an agency which is situated exactly in this area. If you don’t have enough time, it would be  more comfortable to deal with the realtors ,who’s office  is not far from your home.

As trust is the basis of a productive cooperation between a client and realtor, every trustworthy real estate agency cares about good reputation. Location, size and general look of the real estate agency’s office are are also important. Pay attention to the repair, furnishing and equipment of the office. A trustworthy agency caring about its reputation, is keeping everything in order. It would be useful to ask for how long the agency has been located to this address and ask neighbours’ opinion in this regard.

Thus, you are satisfied with the agency’s office. Take a look at staff’s behavior and reactions. Pay attention to the way they meet and accompany potential clients, whether there is fuss and bad organisation among the personnel. After having a talk with them, you will get your own opinion about their professionalism. Feel free to ask tricky questions.  A good specialist can always give the right and full answer.

A degree of personal compatibility and goodwill is also a significant factor. You are going to cooperate with realtor closely, whether it is daily rent search or elite accomodation sale. Therefore, you should feel comfortable when communicating with this person.

You should definitely have information about work experience of the chosen agency. Experience, knowledge, good reputation and united team are always a result of a long-term work. The more agency works on the real estate market, the more reliable it is. Only after years of a hard and productive work a real estate agency can get necessary contacts and good infobase.

June 16, 2014

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