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Registration of Foreigners in Ukraine. A Temporary Residence Permit for Those Invited for Work

A foreign citizen may temporarily stay in the territory of Ukraine on the following terms:

1. When entering Ukraine from a visa-system country you may stay for a period of visa validity.
2. When entering Ukraine from a visa-free-system country you may stay for 90 days out of 180 since your first entering.

But if a non-resident is supposed to stay in Ukraine for a longer period of time a Temporary Residence Permit is needed.

Initially a passport document of a foreign citizen is registered by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine upon first crossing the border.

In order to get a temporary residence permit a foreigner is to have an official invitation from an employing company in Ukraine.

The first step in getting a temporary residence permit is submission of following documents to the State Migration Service authorities (the city OVIR):

1. Foreigner’s application according to a set form
2. Statement of liability of a host party
3. Original of a foreigner’s passport
4. Translation of a passport into Ukrainian with Translation Agency Certification
5. Copy of appointment order of a person responsible for cooperation with foreigners in enterprise
6. Copy of a person-in-charge passport.
7. An Employment Permission – original and copy
8. Payment receipt of OVIR services and stamp duty for Temporary Residence Permit issue: 34.00 UAH, 21.30 UAH, 52.49 UAH.
9. 1-year insurance policy for individuals from non-CIS states (is not needed for Russians and Belorussians)
10. 4 photos of a foreigner signed on the back (full name and surname)
11. Copy of a passport page with record of last border crossing
12. Copy of identification code.

Temporary Residence Permit is issued within 14 days. Then it is to be registered in a regional OVIR within 10 days since its issuing.

The next step, № 2. A visit to ZhEK (State Office of Houses Maintenance) At this point it is necessary to provide the Rent Agreement with apartment owner’s assistance.

A foreigner or his/her authorized person and owner of the apartment have to be both present in ZhEK.

An owner has to show a passport officer following documents:

• Apartment entitling document (sales agreement, gift agreement and so on): original + copy
• Owner’s passport: original + copy
• Leasing Agreement + copy

Form 15 (application on a registration in the apartment ) is filled in in ZhEK. It is signed both by owner and foreigner.

№3. A regional OVIR.

Having received Form 15 in ZhEK and initialled it, you may go to a regional OVIR, where a seal of registration is directly attached to a Temporary Residence Permit.

Documents you should remember to take with:

• Form 15 and arrival cards received in ZhEK
• Original of Temporary Residence Permit
• Copy of Leasing Agreement

There can be a surprise in a regional OVIR: an inspector may require original of Apartment entitling document. In such a case owner’s presence is needed. Also you may ensure yourself against any risks and beforehand prepare notarized copy of sales agreement.

Validity term of Temporary Residence Permit concurs with Employment Permission term. Usually it makes one year. Before an expiry of Temporary Residence Permit (minimum one month) it is necessary to submit documents for extending to the State Migration Service authorities.

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June, 2013

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