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The Architect of Kyiv and his own life

There is no doubt, that every resident of Kyiv knows Vladyslav Gorodetsky. The House with Chimaeras is an architecture heritage which must be seen by everyone visiting the capital of Ukraine.

Vladyslav Vladyslavovych Gorodetsky (real name Leshek Dezyderiy Vladyslav Gorodetsky) came from Poland. He is very often called as a man of the world. And it’s not surprising since his creative work is not limited only with borders of his country. For a long time he had been living on the territory of Ukraine, namely in Kiev.

The House with Chimaeras (10, Bankova street), the St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral (77, Chervonoarmiyska street) Karaite kenesa (7, Yaroslaviv Val street), the National Art Museum of Ukraine (6, Grushevskogo street), the auditorium of “Solovtsov” theatre (3, Ivan Franko square) are among buildings created by Gorodetsky.

Considering his work abroad, Gorodetsky has built a railway station and Shah’s palace in Teheran (Iran). The list of Gorogetsky buildings can be also widened with a lot of dwelling houses, factories, hospital, gymnasium, hotel, casino…

Only in Ukraine the amount of his works is more than thirty. Besides his architectural activity, Gorodetsky was an inveterate hunter – he admired safari, also traveled around the world a lot. His life journey finished in Teheran, where he was buried.

The St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral slightly resembles Notre Dame de Paris. Concerning Gorodetsky, he is not a project designer of this building, but only a proof-reader of S.V. Valovskyi’s work.

The style of work is Gothic, the building is decorated with multiple spires, towers, sculptures, figures. The cathedral was built with usage of high technology and materials of that time – concrete and reinforced concrete. Besides of outside beauty, the building conceals an inside attraction – the cathedral is decorated with glass painting and frescos. Also there is an organ in the building. Attracted to the beautiful can divine service and entirely plunge into the atmosphere of high art.

Karaite kenesa is decorated in Morisco-Arabic style with molding. The concrete dome is on the top of the building. The church-house is used not for its primary purpose now: cultural-educational institution is located here – The house of Actor and Ukrainian Union of Theater Workers.

Looking at the House with Chimaeras, the first thing that strikes one’s eyes is a variety of concrete animals, which are located on the modern building: dears, elephants, crocodiles, rhinoceroses, salamanders, frogs... In reality, there are no any monsters. The sculptures were made by Emilio Sala (Italian) and Gorodetsky was responsible for drafts. But the house is freakish as it is located on the slope. Three stores can be seen from Bankova street side, six floors - from Ivan Franko square.

The building was meant to be a dwelling house for reach families. During some time the Veterinary control of the Kiev Military District was located here, later – clinic of Communist Party of Ukraine (Bolsheviks) № 1. Now the building serves as a Small residence of Ukrainian Presidential reception.

The monument to Gorodetsky is located in Passage (15, Khreschatyk street). Bronze architect sits at the table holding a cup in his hand. One more vacant chair stands near him. Very often people join to Vladyslav and make photos with him.

© Daria Bilokon’
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August 2013

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