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The streets of Kiev. Yaroslaviv Val

The streets of Kiev. Yaroslaviv Val

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Our real estate agency often offers our clients apartments and offices for rent or sale on the Yaroslaviv Val Street. This old street has an interesting history.

It begins from the grand old Golden Gate of Kiev, repeating the configuration of the defensive earthworks, stretches to the unpreserved Zhydivsky gate, the old name of which in 1920s was changed to Lviv gate for political correctness reason, but they were destroyed by Khan Batuy in 1240, although the city of Lviv was founded only in 1256.

Yaroslaviv val

The street took its name from the son of Prince Vladimir - Yaroslav. Many times it changed its name in favor of ruling regimes: Velyka Pidval’na, Polupanova Voroshilova, Hitlera.

There are a lot of historical buildings on Jaroslaviv Val. House № 1 (architected by M. Dobachevskiy, 1898), a beautiful in its impracticality building, can often be seen in old postcards. Unfortunately, still it isn’t restored.

Mansion № 3 (architected by F. Golovin, 1858) now belongs to the Embassy of India.

Professor of medicine N. Strazhesko lived in the house # 5. He was one of the first to describe and set a clinical diagnosis of myocardial infarction.

Karaite kenassa, house # 7, of popular architect of Kiev Vladimir Gorodetsky was the House of Actor in Soviet times. The editorial office of the national-patriotic newspaper "Rada" was in the house # 6 in 1906-1914.

It was published by Grinchenko, P. Tichina, S. Petlura were editorial members.

The founder of the world helicopter school famous aircraft Sikorsky passed his childhood and adolescence in the house # 15 of Yaroslaviv Val. There was a musical drama school (the original homestead has not survived), founded in 1904 by the prominent composer Nikolai Lysenko, where K. Stetsenko, L. Revutsky, A. Kosice, Kozlovsky came out from.

In the house # 32, where now the Embassy of Italy locates, in 1907 K. Kvitka and L. Ukrainka, spent the honeymoon.

House # 25, built by architect V. Nikolayev in 1899 is a private male gymnasium of V. Naumenko, where M. Ril’skyi studied. During the government of Hetman Skoropadsky Naumenko became the Minister of Education, vice-chairman of the Ukrainian Scientific Society. It was situated in the house # 36. Here, the first president of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Vernadsky was elected in November 1917.

Under the will of N. Tereshchenko in 1907 there was built the house # 40 projected by P. Hollands’kyi and P. Aleshin for urban primary school. The building imitates the old Russian style. There is the Institute of Theatrical Art of Karpenko-Karyi since 1950.

This is only a small part of the legacy that keeps this street. Touch the history ... rent an apartment on Yaroslaviv Val Street Yaroslavov Val 10

Based on the book of B. Kirkevich "Kiev is my city".

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