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To lease an apartment for the non-resident property owners has become difficult

Real estate agency «TEREN PLUS» explains the new Tax Law provisions, which has come into force on January, 1 2011.

Non-resident property owner can not now lease an apartment, house or office.

According to the paragraph 170.1.3., real estate, owned by a non-resident individual, is now can be rent only by an individual entrepreneur or resident legal entity.

For this purpose a non-resident has to register himself and to become an entrepreneur or to conclude a written agreement with an authorized person who performs his/her representative functions and appears to be his/her fiscal agent.

Violating this paragraph a non-resident is considered to evade taxes. The specialists of our real estate Agency are ready to consult You on this issue and help You to conclude an Agency Agreement. Or get consultation on Property management in our Real Estate agency.

S. Shevchuk,

July, 2011.

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