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Truth and fiction of a fairy castle on Andriyivskyy Spusk

To visit Kyiv without visiting Andriyivskyy Spusk? It’s impossible! Going up and down the street, the travelers are dip into the atmosphere of past, see the march of history, which has done an imprint on the smallest details.

Andriyivskyy Spusk attracts not only residents of Kyiv, but tourists from the entire world. If one walks – it’s along the roadway of this ancient street. Every minor at the first sight building with old walls, the color of which is not like it was previously, hides secrets; art galleries, theaters, museums promise to bring closer to history, to reveal mysterious.

The sellers of rarity and local dwellers share with travelers legends about Andriyivskyy Spusk with pleasure. The building, which is made in traditions of English neo-Gothic – Richard the Lion Heart castle - is s glorified with mystery and fantasy. This poetic name of the building has appeared thanks to soviet writer and dissident, Viktor Nekrasov, who was inspired by the histories about King of England. But the last one has never been at the territory of Ukraine, and is not concerned with the castle on the Descent.

Everybody talks a lot about the castle, and they do it in different ways, decorating the histories with mystical fantasy.

The construction was built during 1902-1904 for money of the merchant Dmytro Orlov, who was going to impress the people of Kyiv with refined towers, spires, perpendicular staircase, porches and secret passages. From the beginning, the house was not to be a family estate, but to serve for commercial aims – apartments for rent. But it turned out not like the owner wanted: he had bankrupted, and soon he was killed. Multiple debts and unfinished castle passed to his wife Lidia and their children. The wife continued the business of her husband and managed to finish the building. But the workers were given an unfair payment and they left a little surprise …

Every night, when the wind rose up, the inhabitants of the house were penetrated with horror. Because of unknown origin howl, people came to the decision that besides of them the ghosts live in the castle. The question of destroying of the house was arised. As such a source of evil spirits on one of the central Kyiv streets was not pleasant for anyone. But very soon it made itself clear, that there was no any threat – the egg shall and broken glass were founded in the ventilation tubing. The waves of air in the pipes moved “the surprise and horrible sounds made people crazy.

The house was overcrowded with connoisseurs of luxury and fantastic landscapes again after a destruction of the myth. The empty rooms turned into studios and residential apartments. Every people willing to fill equal with king’s family went to the fantastic castle.

Now the building is an architecture treasure of XIX century. The excursions are not held on the territory and people do not live here. One could admire the fairy-tail house only from far away.

Looking at the spires bottom-up, one can easily imagine that we are in ancient England under kings, knights, honorable ladies, heroic deeds period. A magic time travel happens during the walking through Andriyivskyy Spusk.

© Daria Bilokon’
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August 2013

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