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How to rent an apartment quickly, safely and get a good profit out of it…

- 1. Only an owner of the property or an authorized representative of the owner can rent an apartment, if he or she has the power of attorney.

- 2. If apartment is owned by a few people, you are to discuss all important questions between each other. Register all details in a written form or by notary. All owners are Landlords and therefore each of them should be mentioned in the Lease Agreement.

- 3. When you conclude a Lease Agreement you are to provide the sale and purchase agreement and your passport.

- 4. Prepare your apartment for rent. Make a renovation and remove all private things.

- 5. Only those things and furniture items that raise the value of the apartment should be left. Take away everything that is not needed.

- 6. Identify advantages and disadvantages of your property.

- 7. Think over what additional equipment can be provided to increase its market price.

- 8. Define an approximate rent price, a minimum or a possible maximum one. You may compare the prices of the similar offers in the press and in Internet.

- 9. Choose real estate agencies you would like to apply to. The main point is that the agency deals with residential property and has objects in the area you are interested in.

- 10. Discuss your approximate rent price, conditions and the market situation by phone or email with realtors of the agencies chosen.

- 11. Invite the realtor for the preview of the apartment…

- 12. Consider all pieces of advice of professionals!

- 13. Work out the strategy and a plan of your further collaboration. You’d better work with real estate agencies than look for the Lessee by yourself.

- 14. First of all the real estate agency is a Consultant and you have an opportunity to get all important and necessary information. Secondly, while working with professionals you have less risks to be mistaken.

- 15. You can start working with 2 or 3 agencies. If you choose more, you will lose a lot of time. A large amount of agencies is not a guaranty of a profitable cooperation. You should know the value of your and realtor’s time.

- 16. Choosing a Lessee, you are to get maximum information about him… ask the copy of his passport, find out where he works and what his current occupation is, ask him for telephone numbers and company’s address. Pay attention to his relationship with a realtor. If the realtor encounters any difficulties while working with this client, be sure this can an image of your future relations. If you are in any doubts, it is better to refuse signing the Lease Agreement.

- 17. The Lease Agreement is a very important document for you. It should not be formal. It is necessary to include the clause about the deposit – security payment which is withdrawn from the Lessee and is given back to him, when the Lease Agreement expires and if there are no claims against the Lessee.

- 18. You are also to include the clause that you can show your apartment to new clients during the last month of the rent at the time agreed with the Lessee.

- 19. The annexes to the lease must have: Hand-over/Acceptance Act of the apartment with the description list of the property.

- 20. The taxes are a pledge of your calmness and one of the guarantees of execution of terms of the Lease agreement. Calculate everything in advance. Ask for advice of the realtor.

- 21. Registration of the Lessee. If the Lessee is a foreigner, he/she may ask you to be registered in your apartment. There is nothing wrong with this; all questions can be regulated in the Lease Agreement.

- 22. Respect your Lessee!

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