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How to avoid being cheated when renting an apartment

Как не стать жертвой мошенников при аренде жилья

Every tenant most often searches for a cheaper variant. It’s rather hard to get insured against fraud because it’s really possible. One of the most popular speculations on the rent field are information agencies. Even mass media very often warn against such traps but it doesn’t stop those who are looking for the apartment to rent. The scam works as follows: a potential tenant finds the advert for provision of information services concerning the apartment rent. He calls the number indicated and then is invited to visit the office of the company since there are several variants that will suit him. Such victim of scams signs the contract and is to make a prepayment, approximately 75 euros. “The specialist” of such agency reassures that, of course, these money will be included in the future rent payment. Potential tenant, very glad to get addresses of flats, will finally find out that in every variant provided there will be some “but” – the apartment will be already rented or never offered for rent or even offered for sale. So using the information agencies’ service will be just “an empty run”. As soon as the contract expires, the tenant is left without money and apartment. The company, which provides only with information will never be responsible for anything, that’s why it’s even impossible to assert a claim to such agency.

Another variant of a fraud can be various adverts on buildings, fences, in the newspapers and even on the internet. It’s very easy to fall into a trap here. As soon as a tenant has made a prepayment and has received the key, when moving in he will discover that there are other locks in doors or will see other people living in their own flat. Very often a potential client signs the rent agreement and pays the realtor’s fee or makes the 6-months rent payment when the apartment is already rented to somebody else. So, any prepayment can simply be a deception. It’s not worth trusting the lessor if he doesn’t possess any documents certifying the ownership right.

Как не стать жертвой мошенников

Signing the contract with any agency you need to examine each clause of it very thoroughly. Most often there the lessor’s obligations towards the tenant are not indicated in such contracts. In case such clause is missing, the owner of the apartment can any day dissolve the rent agreement with the tenant without giving him back any prepayments. In order to unmask a fraudster, some important points should be clarified. The registration stamp in the passport won’t be a base for the owner’s right to dispose a flat. It’s necessary to require the copies of documents certifying the ownership right and also written agreement of all those who are registered in the flat.

A person who represents the interests of the owner should show a power of attorney, the copy of the document for ownership right and a copy of passport of the owner. Many fraudsters get round the agencies in order not to meet witnesses and well educated lawyers. A professional realtor of the rent department in the real estate agency doesn’t have to ask you to come to office immediately for registration of your request. All information needed for a potential tenant can be got by phone. The realtor representing rent department is to have a power of attorney and a visit card certified by signature and stamp of the director of the real estate agency. The realtor’s fee should be paid after signing the rent agreement and the client’s moving in. Don’t forget that all the fraudsters are very good psychologists. Don’t fall for sales and attractive advertisements.

Summing everything up, when looking for a flat, you are to be at least attentive, a little bit juridically “versed” and cautious. The best solution – leting the professional cope with it.

Cooperation with a real estate with a good reputation will save not only your time, but also nerves and of course money, which in most of cases is used for prepayment and it won’t make a headache for your daily rent in Kyiv.

May 16, 2014

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